Tuesday, October 13, 2009

...the stories of my life

It seems as though I have trouble keeping up with the blogging world.. but I figured I would give a picture-less update and then start uploading photos later this week before Thanksgiving happens!

These last two months have been crazy busy! We decided to let Austin (Brian's younger brother) live with us for the school year, I started another semester at Utah State (and I found out this will be one of my last!), we did some home remodeling and had friends and family visit.
It has been great, but I haven't even had a spare moment to sit and write. To make this brief enough that it is still readable I will just bullet-point the highlights of the last few months!
  • Steve & Kristen got married! (Cousins)
  • School started & Austin moved back in
  • Fall weather brought many happy moments at our house!
  • Four-wheeling trips
  • Camping over Labor Day Weekend
  • Mom Rule came to visit
  • Annual Halloween/Brian's Birthday party-such a success!
  • Party @ the Reimann's on Halloween (Didn't know Brian was such an amazing "apple bobber"
  • General Conference Weekend-always relaxing
  • Lots of Rain!
  • Brian's Birthday celebration (the big 29)
  • Austin took the ACT
  • Megan traveled to Chicago for a weekend
  • Swine Flu invaded our house
  • Megan took the Praxis Exam
  • Austin & Brian took the 4 wheelers out one last time for the season
  • Put away Halloween/Thanksgiving things... and getting excited for Christmas!
  • .. oh and my favorite, my candle in my "lantern warmer" blew up! I didn't take any pictures but it was such a glorious thing to clean up!
  • Date night/game night with The Clark's
I'm sure there have been other exciting things I'm not telling you about, but maybe the pictures I upload will tell more stories!



Anonymous said...

You guys have definitely been keeping busy! I am glad we were able to part of the madness. We LOVE game night with you guys and hopefully we can do that again very soon. We miss you guys! Can't wait for pictures. Love you Meg!

Joe and Annie said...

So glad to have an update on your little family. I'm excited to see pictures.

Steven and Kari said...

WOW! Busy life huh? At least it sounds really exciting!