Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jenna's Getting MARRIED!!...& more calendar photos..

We have been waiting for James to come home now for 2 years! He just arrived home in late August... He & Jenna got engaged a week ago and are planning an October Wedding!! Yeah for them!

I have been traveling to Logan for school every week as well, and have been staying with Annie... we have gone a little crazy!

For all of you who wanted more photos of the Calendars... here they are! (I finally found my camera!)
When I went to purchase Calendars, I found that the nice ones were expensive, so my price will go up by $1.50

Small: $9.50
Medium: $13.50
Large: $16.50

I will personalize each book with the color scheme you want, the large cover letter/picture as well

Colors Available: Blue, Red, Pink, Brown, Black, White, Orange, Yellow, Green
You made combine colors as well!!

Inside of Small, has Tabs for Months, but NO daily sections
I know this is hard to see, but the page is split to include 3 days, there are month calendars as well; this is a 19-month Calendar
Same As Small, but with Daily Sections, this is the size of a piece of paper

Additionally these calendars shown are applicable now, but calendars can be ordered for 2009


AnnaBudda said...

Hey will you email me those pictures??? And yes I want the ones you did not post as well! Thanks megs!