Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cutest Workout JACKET!

can i just say... this jacket is ADORABLE! i want one so bad, but they are $78! they are from Impact Fitness Wear out of Sugar House. these cute Icon jacket, comes in Black, White, Coffee,& Natural! i think this is the solution to me not working out, if i get cute clothes i will have to go running to show them off!.. we'll see if that excuse will work on Brian this time.. probably not! looks like i will be saving my pennies for a while!



The Lymans said...

ooooh, I love it! I KNOW Brian's going to say "no, you can't buy that" only because he knows if you are running outside wearing a jacket like that (with your chestas bouncing up and down) you will attract guys like crazy!! You might even pick up a few girls or small children!