Friday, September 12, 2008

....cute calendars!

I have decided to manifest my domestic/craft skills by making these cute calendars.. and a few others things... (to come)...

Here is a picture of the latest and greatest... if you are interested in purchasing one that is personalized to you, feel free to contact me at; the cost per planner is:
Small: $8
Medium: $12
Large: $15

Pictured: (Medium)
.. I forgot to take pictures of the inside & back, so I will post those later



The Lymans said...

Megs, that is so cute!~ I would love one! I'll let you know what size after I see your other photos! Luv ya!

Jamie said...

SO cute Meg! I'll wait to see the inside!

Kasi French said...

Those are adorable!! I would love a few (great Christmas gifts!)! Once those other pictures are posted I'll let you know.

Also, I tried calling on Saturday ~ I had some extra tickets to the Hale. I have your wrong number :( email me at kasifrench at gmail.