Sunday, September 7, 2008

long lost Wilson clan...

I know it seems as though we have gotten lost in cyber-space, but really we have just been SO busy! We spent a few days in Chicago for a "Fiesta" my parents had at their house to celebrate Lauren & Steve getting married, as well as Scott & Jordan's school graduations! Congrats to all!
Anyhow, we flew to Chicago & we had a wonderful time partying, seeing movies (The Dark Knight), and our highlight.. going to Six Flags! Brian & I love roller coasters, and every time we visit home we never seem to have the time to go ride any! So we took David & Jordan and spent an entire Saturday there. Needless to say, we will never go on a Saturday again! We rode 5 big rides and several smaller ones, but we didn't quite get our fill.. guess we will have to go again when we come back! .... and I must tell you about our 20 hour trek home.. and NO we did not sit in the airport that long.. we drove back to Utah with Scott who started his first year at Utah State!! GO AGGIES!!!... anyhow, we took some incredible pictures of the sunset as we were driving in WY!!After the great trip was over.. we had to think about getting me back to school, which meant either Logan or Tooele. We chose for me to attend at the University, which is quite a drive, but well worth the mileage. All of my classes are fantastic! NO textbooks!!! There are course readers, but I am grateful I don't have to lug HUGE books back and forth! I have had the chance to stay with my girlfriend Annie.. one of my bridesmaids and former room-mate who still lives in Logan.. we have had a blast together!
... I almost forgot to tell you, I had to say goodbye to best friend who left from the Mission Training Center on August 19. She is reporting to Paraguay Asuncion on October 20th to complete her mission! We are SO proud of her, but will miss her greatly! Thanks Abby for all the cute clothes and shoes you are letting me "baby-sit" while you're gone!
We have had the opportnity to see our family & friends from Logan a few times.. we went bowling last week with Katie & Brad and their adorable boys!..

Also.. on Friday night I hosted a Scentsy Candle Party... we had a great turnout and we all had a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone that came & made the night so wonderful!

We hope you all are having an enjoyable September.. we sure are looking forward to the cooler weather as well!!



AMY & JUSTIN said...

yea! I just wandered into your blog. What are you up to, woman? I love all the pictures of you and Brian...very cute!

The Lymans said...

I can't believe how grown up your siblings are! (Steve included, ha ha) I loved seeing you the other day...let's do it more.