Wednesday, March 26, 2008

....Saratoga Sharks

I told you I would update you when I started my new job! So, here goes...
I accepted a teaching position at Saratoga Shores Elementary, in the Alpine School District.
I teach one of their "Speciality Programs" geared towards "positive exposure" for at-risk students.
I teach every Tuesday-Thursday in the morning and the afternoon. I am still a class room assistant at Monte Vista Elementary as well..
I sure love my new job, and I am excited for the next five weeks of this incredible program.
As for a complete update of my life... I am three semesters away from graduating... which means I will have my own classroom in the August 2009 school-year!! I am still a ward missionary with my darling husband, and I have decided I am done with giving a talk in church for at least 2 years!! (I gave a 25 minute talk 2 weeks ago!)
Well.. I will post pictures later so you can see what I really do with my spare time, and I will post about Easter Sunday... we sure had a blast!!



Jamie said...

Wow, you sure are busy! Don't work too hard! Love you.