Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the LONGEST update!

I have officially decided I am terrible at posting about my life, I'm not sure if it's because I am busy or just lazy; either way.. here goes.

I have so many pictures on my camera that I have not written about, and I am just now uploading them because I am in Logan at a Geography Workshop that requires me to take photos.. and I ran out of memory today! I won't go back too far but.. but i' ll write about a few things..

Brian and I went on a fun date to Trafalga before Austin (Brian's little brother) came to live with us in May. We got a "date card" that allowed us to play a game of mini golf, watch/ride the 3D roller coaster twice, get two bowls of "dip n' dots" and ride go karts for an hour... well I suppose we weren't supposed to be able to ride that long, but it was the end of the night & Brian is a great negotiator. Needless to say, we had a blast!He did win.. but not by a landslide!
wow.. those 3D glasses are amazing!!

Then we went to Chicago the first part of June for my birthday and Scott's Missionary Farewell talk. We had a wonderful time with my family and by ourselves in the city one day. We were able to be there over my actual birthday which was fun because EVERYONE was there!!
on the Wendella Boat Tour of Chicago...joey with some of my birthday cards...
gift card from grandma & grandpa... (I got some adorable sandals..) in the moment shot (but he was posing, that's the funny thing!)
the grandparents...simply perfect flowers...
...sorry Mom, this is a typical "Brian" photo! the sign my Mom made me.. which she let Brian keep so he can hang it up every year! Thanks Mom!my birthday cake (Brian bought me), we celebrated with Jodi & Matt
...birthday gift from Mom Wilson (i love it!!.. an iphone alarm clock/radio)

We flew back from Chicago with David (Megan's little brother) & Jake (David's friend) so we could take them to EFY the next day. I got to wake up early and get the boys fed before heading off to end up spending most of the day in Provo. We had a great time... except for the "glitch" at the Salt Lake City Airport! We had all proceeded through security and they asked to double check Jake's backpack. We weren't concerned because most of us have experienced such...but when they asked what he had that resembled a GUN I was questioning the heck out of him.... could it be a blow-dryer or a Nintendo game system.. NO.. it was an Air-soft Gun! They freaked out upon pulling out a replica of a real gun. He reassured them that it didn't work (hence the duck-tape!). Regardless they filed a police report and almost called airport security. Luckily we made it to our gate just as they were boarding! Next time.. I will be thoroughly monitoring the packing process!

After that rendezvous I picked the boys up (this being Saturday).... and I suppose I should preface that I had to wake up at 4:30am to get ready! We left the house around 6am to head to Provo. We picked the boys up and sped off to the airport. I was worried about security and two teenage boys roaming the airport again so I raced in with them and took them to their gate. Things went smoothly this time.. and I ran back to meet Brian at the car so we could speed off to Logan for our good friends' wedding! Luckily again we made it safely and on time.
Adam & Jen

The day was perfect... even though the morning started quite early, we had to wait an hour for the wedded couple to exit the Temple and it rained...

After that busy week, my mom was able to join us because she was taking Scott out to the MTC. I said my goodbyes to Scott over some homemade breakfast the morning he was to report to the Mission Training Center in Provo. He looked fabulous.. and I would post some photos of that morning but my Mom has them, so maybe later! Upon returning that evening, my Mom started to feel sick, but as usual we girls sat and talked and enjoyed some time together instead of going to sleep at a decent hour. Needless to say... Mom woke up feeling as it a boulder had landed on her. She was in bed ALL DAY, which sabotaged our plans for shopping and girl time.. but I was grateful to be able to take care of her and sit and chat.. because she has done that countless times for me. The following day she was feeling better so we drove around a little and enjoyed her last day. After dropping her off at the airport the next morning, I came home and started feeling gross.. and I ended up with the same dreaded "summer cold".Brian & Austin @ Los Hermanosat least we made it out to Los Hermanos on Friday night before Mom left!

Our last week in June was pretty uneventful, and our fourth of July was spent with some good friends. I finished off the school year on July 3rd and was happy that my return wouldn' t have to be until the end of August! The second week in July was spent catching up and cleaning. The third week I prepared and executed a "Craft Night" for the ladies at church. We had a blast chatting, eating and crating. After that was over, I prepared for the Baby Shower I threw Jodi (see previous post).

The next day my Mother-in-Law came for the weekend. I spent that morning feverishly cleaning up and organizing my craft/guest room for her to sleep in. It took me until 10:45pm.. but it looked DANG good! While Mom Wilson was here, we hung out and ate pizza, talked, went to Cowabunga Bay (a waterpark), and the Spanish Fork Rodeo. What fun... we only wish she didn't live so far away....if you can believe it, this is the best of three photos that night! (hopefully a family photo to come!)

As for this week.. I am in Logan up at Utah State University taking my last required course for my Social Studies Teaching Electives. It is on Utah Geography and we have been taking field trips everyday and documenting with photos.. i would highly recommend this workshop to anyone. I am taking it along with Brian's older brother.. which also helps!
Logan Canyon (Day #2)Red Rock Pass Day #3

Well.. that's whats been going on in our neck of the woods.. hopefully I won't wait so long between posts again!


P.S. I promise I will learn how to do slide shows... at least before I try posting 20+ pictures again!!


Rach said...

I love your update!! #1: You're beautiful! #2: I can't believe Scott's on a mission! #3: We really need to hang out, I would love that (and so would Lily!!) Let me know!

Jen said...

Looks like you're having fun! I'm glad you managed to squeeze our wedding guys are so busy! We need to hang out. I figured we'd see you all the time once we moved down here but I haven't seen you since the wedding!

Katie said...

Very cute blog, love it! See you soon!