Monday, October 13, 2008

...oh deer what can the matter be?

Oh deer is right! For those of you who drive home late at night from a date with your spouse... you will understand.. most of the time we are just non chalantly driving through the country-sde, but a few weeks ago, as we were lollygagging home... aimlessly staring out into the dark and holding hands... talking about plans for the furture... we were SUDDENLY surpirsed to find BAMBI on the front right side of the car! Let me tell you.. it was quite the shocker... Brian slammed on the brakes as fast as he could, but because of the contruction and the dark road.. the deer ran right into the front side of the car... needless to say; upon attempting to exit the passenger door to check on the deer, I found it would not open... so I have spent the better part of a week and and half climbing over Brian's seat or sitting in the back... which unfortunately he enjoys WAY too much... but enough said.. we had an eventful date night to say the least... here are the best shots from that night...

Love, B&M


McKenzie said...

Megan! I'm glad you're okay!