Sunday, May 4, 2008

...bungee jumping brothers

We had a wonderful week and an even better weekend! Brian's mom came into town and spent part of the week with us, we had wonderful food and the company was fabulous of course! This past weekend we went to Logan for Keith's college graduation at Utah State!
the graduate....(Brian's younger brother)We had a great time eating out, playing games, and watching movies. The best part of the weekend was going "bungee jumping"... or at least watching Keith, Craig and Brian do it.. and of course the "Go-Karts".

Brian was the best driver!....
getting ready for the big jump!
It was so funny to see Brian standing up on the 70 foot ledge getting ready jump off.. and getting scared to do so!
scared half to death.... pre-jump
on the way down.... holding on for dear life

This week was the last week of school, the first week with my new students, Keith's graduation, Brian's life accomplishment, my "spring cleaning", and so much more!

getting ready for the big jump...