Thursday, February 28, 2008

.....when all is said and done was a much better day than than tuesday, that is for sure! I decided it was too much to be working two jobs while trying to go to school full time! So I quit my nanny job today.. which relieved a lot of stress! Needless to say... our little family is doing really now despite this crazy week!

Brian has been a work horse.. helping out his two younger brothers.. .I think he feels like he is still in school sometimes... because everyone is always asking for his advice.. .must be good anyway!

oh my gosh!... I got the cutest calendar today at Office Max.. I love it! I will post a picture of it so you can relish in its "adorable-ness".. well, I am off to bed!


Heidi and Jonathan said...

Oh that is cute! I really should get a calendar! Maybe that will help my crazy life!