Thursday, July 1, 2010

...about time for an update!

hello out there.. not sure if anyone reads my blog anymore! but.. if you do-
I'm trying to make blogging one of my summer "bucket list" goals, so we'll see how this pans out! There are so many things I need to blog about to catch up on so I ought to get started!
Back in May I found out I got into the St. George Marathon! So I've started my training and I can say that the HOT summer weather isn't helping my goal of running outside. I also want to do the Top of Utah Marathon in September, a few weeks before STG, so if anyone is interested I'd love some running buddies!

A few months ago we also celebrated my good friend Kari's birthday...with stacked cupcakes, yummy!

A few days later, I ventured to Chicago to visit the fam and brought Sadie along with. I was able to watch David play several Tennis matches and Jordan at Swimming. We sure had a blast when my parents went away to celebrate their anniversary!

Upon my return back to Utah I started a CNA class, which I am still working on finishing! Hopefully this will make me more marketable for a summer job?!

In May Brian & I spent a night @ The Little America Hotel, it was so lovely! We just enjoyed hanging out, hot tubbing, and watching TV... even if it was sports center! We went to a little cafe for breakfast and all attempt for a photo op failed... (I wonder why?)

Anyhow... we've been enjoying the summer and all that it has to bring! I'll blog later about our June happenings!

Sorry it's all mumble jumbled.. that's how my brain works!


P.S. More picture to come...


Jeff and Lindsay Ekins said...

i enjoy your blog!!!

T. Driaza said...

Keep the post coming! ;)

Jen said...

About time indeed! I'll run with you...but I'm a sucky runner. Also, we need to do something soon.