Monday, March 2, 2009's been a long time coming

Thanks to some "gentle" prodding I am now back at the blog.. hopefully more consistently than I seem to have been in the past few months.
This winter has been quite busy for us with traveling, out-of-town guests, friends and family we haven't managed to do the usual skiing and snowmobiling outings.. and now that the weather is getting warmer we are losing our chances in the snow. But we have been grateful for the sudden change in the weather pattern because we were able to get out and go four-wheeling on Saturday, but now the snow is back so we have put it back in the garage for a while.

This week on the playground was somewhat of a "miniature hurricane"! I didn't know the wind could blow that hard... but it seems to have died down now that we got our storm so tomorrow should be relatively calm! Anyhow, work is great, but I will be so glad to be on the receiving end of the "teacher helps" when I finally get my degree next year. I have two more semesters before I graduate now and I can't wait!

I suppose I need to post just about all the pictures I have on my camera because I have been so bad at this whole blogging scene.. so here goes
Here is our delightful Christmas tree... all "decked out"Austin (Brian's little brother) on Christmas morning.. Keith woke us up at 5:45am because he was catching a flight to see Mom Wilson... so Christmas came VERY EARLY for us!
Just a few presents under the tree... Santa was very good to us this year!
Here are all of Keith's gifts... after he opened his he wanted everyone to open theirs... we gladly sad NO... and went back to bed before embarking on the gift unwrappingMore Christmas pictures to come when I find them on my computer!

Jordan (my little sister) and me celebrating her 12th Birthday!
My family + Pedro being crazy... like usualThe Birthday Cake for Mom & Joey

My little sister is already 12, I can't believe it! I still remember the day she was born... it seems like yesterday!Eating lunch with the Girls @ Sushi ThaiMom & Dad @ Tsukasa celebrating my Mom's Birthday!

Back @ home in the Energy Solutions Arena for the USU v.s. BYU basketball game! We were on the 7th row.. it was amazing (even though it was our first loss of the season) GO AGGIESAll decked out in AGGIE apparel... even B's hat!
Gary Wilkinson (55) at the line for the USU Aggies
Celebrating New Years Eve @ Chili's.... it is IMPOSSIBLE to take pictures with him!! So I just give in and make a fool of myself too.... then it makes for two of us!Like I said... it's impossible (especially when you give the camera to Austin!)Austin... making his "single" debut
getting the candles lit on Austin's birthday cupcakesHappy 17th Birthday Austin... it was as close to Aggie blue as the had!

Celebrating 17 great years... Brothers by birth... best friends by choice! Brian & AustinBrian got the Aggie "A"
Austin was very happy with his gift.. "Smokey & the Bandit" DVD
One day I woke up at the crack of dawn and cleaned and cooked all day... this was the Chicken Pot Pie from scratch... ...and these are Spinach Mushroom half-moon Ravioli homemade (my favorite ever)
These were not homemade but... they are dangerously delicious. Mom Wilson sent them back with Keith for us at Christmas time and we have been waiting to eat them because we knew once we did... we would be hooked. If you have never had Corky's Ribs from Memphis TN.. you serioulsy need to look into it!
This is the wreath I put up today for Spring... after I finally took down my evergreens from Christmas (I was getting embarrased) but I couldn't find where I had stored my wreaths... but I thought I would share some of my "front door" with those of you who live too far away to ever see it.

Well... that's all folks.... but I promise to be better at posting photos when I take them because these blogs take so much longer than the short ones.

Until next time....



The Driaza Jrs. said...

Hurray for a post! Adorable as always Meg! Oh and how many quads do you have? OMG Pablo & I want one soooo bad! I haven't ridden one since I lived in Cali when I was 16. I'm itching too!

Rach said...

YAY, thank you for the update! You guys are so cute! I would love to get together and see you...and so would Lily!

aSheZaRt said...

I can't believe how grown up everyone is!!!! I feel SO old!