Friday, December 12, 2008

Abide with Me...

We sincerely apologize for not keeping up to date on our blog, but things have been hectic in our household for the last month or so.
On November 19, 2008 in the early morning our Nana (my Dad's mother) passed away. This was a sudden and heartbreaking loss for the entire family as our families our very close to one another. She was a angel, the sweetest, most charitable person you could know. She was so inspiring and took great pride in watching and helping her children and grandchildren succeed.
She was amazing, and she will never be forgotten, her memory will be forever etched on our hearts.
We love you Nana!

Here are some pictures to commemorate her; I have a few with me in them I just have to locate
them! so... more pictures to come Nana & Pop in Switzerland 2005; hiking the Alps (This was an amazing trip!)

Christmas in Michigan 2004/2005

I chose the title Abide with Me, because my sweet Sister-in-Law Lauren and I sang that at her funeral. It was a beautiful rendition that I know she loved.


Rach said...

Meg, I am so sorry about your Nana! I know how much you and Steve loved her. She was such a sweet woman.