Tuesday, November 11, 2008

... peas in a pod

So, I started my job a few weeks ago at Tai Pan and I love it! I get to sample all the Fudge and Gelato I want.. which tastes so yummy, but isn't quite as fun to work off! But the best part of working at TPT isn't the food, it's the amazing people I get to work with! Within the first fews days... well actually on my first day I met Alicia and Sterling who mange V's Chocoaltes inside TPT. They are so fun! Brian and I have spent just about everyday with them since we met... we went bowling on Saturday with some other friends and we had a blast! Pretty much... to say it simply.. Ali and I are like "peas in a pod".... sorry for the disturbing photo... we had taken so many and it took SO long for Sterling to get a photo taken... that I just gave up!My other cute friend is Allie, who works with my at the Fudge Shoppe! We have way too much fun together! We sit and talk and eat for hours!

....so can I just say that I am SO glad this semester is coming to a close! I am sick of driving to Logan so much! I think I will still be driving next semester, but only for one night class! So I will be able to spend more time with Brian and working with my cute new friends at TPT.

I know I should reply to all the tags I have gotten recently as well.. but that will happen later...

oh, one more thing, I did a Christmas Card Workshop on Saturday and my cards ARE ADORABLE! I will post a picture when I get back home to them!


P.S. I hate Federal Holidays... just because my mailbox is empty! sad.....


Rach said...

What a sexy picture...work it, girl.