Friday, June 13, 2008

...happy birthday to you....

...yesterday I made my way home from a lovely trip in Chicago! When I woke up my mom had a HUGE sign that said "Happy 22nd Birthday Megan!" and balloons were everywhere, she made me breakfast and then I opened my "big" birthday gift which was a 7-cup Cuisinart Food Processor! I have been wanting one since I got married!!!! (Thank you SO much mom & dad)... everything at the airport was uneventful.. except the fact that we had to pay an extra $25 for my "2nd" bag (I can't believe they are charging for our bags now!)... anyhow, Brian picked me up from the airport, and we spent the afternoon together and went to Red Robin for dinner & dessert later that night... I also received a wonderful gift! A Crepe maker!, as many of you know, I am an avid crepe maker, so one of these babies is going to come in quite handy! (thank you Brian)... i got so pampered for my birthday.. I feel so fortunate to have such wonderful family, a darling husband and "dashing" friends.
At about 9pm, we had "cupcakes" instead of cake.. and Craig (Brian's younger brother) & I shared in the birthday festivities because his birthday was the next day (being today)....
Happy 23rd Craig!!

(Sorry for all the side notes... it's the story of my life!)



Kristin said...

I will celebrate my birthday next week and I done my birthday shopping from ShindigZ.